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Rehab your body

Active care

Programs made for you

Taking care of your body is extremely important.


Get your body’s health back on track by taking it through the steps of rehabilitation.

Active care’s advantages include enhancing the patient’s mobility, strength, coordination, endurance, posture, and reducing the likelihood of deconditioning or chronicity.

We are dedicated to giving you high quality rehabilitation services. Our therapy programs are tailored to each patient’s individual condition and needs.

Passive treatment

Combining the two

Educating our patients

Passive treatment intervention serves an important role in patient care.


At the same time, it is also limited in its ability to restore complete function.

The combination of passive and active care gives us the tools to treat you. It also increases the likelihood of us correcting your underlying problem and preventing functional deficiencies from developing.

We take care to thoroughly educate each patient in order to increase our chances of improving the treatment method’s long-term outcomes.

Rehab your body Programs made for you Educating our patients Active care Passive treatment Combining the two