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Benefit from Cox Distraction Technique

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What we do

Spine adjustment

Professional care

Intradiscal pressure is dropped to allow disc reduction. We then apply motion to your body in order to return normal motion to the spine with reduced pain.

Lumbar Spine Adjustment is applied after the patient goes through a thorough examination by the doctor. We produce motions that are normal for the spine in order to treat your condition.

Benefit from a technique that will realign your spine. Cox Distraction Technique is a doctor-applied, doctor-controlled, hands-on, specific contact, patient-focused method of care.


Treat your condition

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Do you need surgery for your back or neck pain? 95% of back pain and neck pain does not actually require surgery. Cox Distraction Technique is a safe alternative to invasive surgical procedures.

There are many conditions that can benefit from Cox Distraction Technique:

•Failed back surgical syndromes

•Failed course of steroid injections

•Hip pain due to sciatic nerve irritation


•Chemical radiculitis

•Synovial cyst

•Transitional segment

These are just a few of the conditions that can benefit from this technique.



•Leg pain


What we do Surgery-free Get treated now Professional care Spine adjustment Treat your condition