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Successful chiropractic care helps people live fuller, healthier lives. We focus on your nervous system and work hard to make sure your body is healthy and pain-free.

Your very first visit to our chiropractic office will involve a health consultation with the doctor followed by an extremely thorough chiropractic examination.  

Treatment recommendations given by the doctor may include spinal manipulation, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, moist heat, and massage therapy.

Professional care

Chiropractic exam

Stages of care

Put yourself in good hands when you come to us for chiropractic care. Our chiropractic team is medically trained to give you great, professional care.

The examination will include testing your reflexes and range of motion. We will also conduct other standard orthopedic, neurologic, postural, and physical examinations.

Chiropractic care addresses the core physiological and biomechanical aspects of the body. These stages are relief care, corrective care, and wellness care. We will make sure to teach you about all the stages.

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